Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Couponing 101 - Tips For The Beginner

I have been clipping coupons since my days in college 20 years ago. In college, I clipped coupons so I would have more money for "entertainment". These days, I still clip coupons but it's so I can get the best deal out there and provide great products for my family. It's so easy to save money if you know a few tricks and are willing to spend a few minutes each week planning to save money.

Here are some easy tips for using coupons that even a beginner can follow:

1) Never go to the grocery store without 2 things...your list and your coupons.
2) Clip coupons out of the Sunday paper. Clip coupons for any products you or your family would consume.
3) Become familiar with IP's - Internet Printable coupons. You can print coupons online and take them to any grocery store or super center. There are 3 main sites I use: , Smartsource, and Red Plum. You will have to download the coupon printer software, but it's worth it!
4) Many companies have coupons on their websites. For example, my kids drink Juicy Juice every week and I went onto their website and found coupons I can print every time I need to buy product. Here are some links to products you may buy every week:

General Mills Kids Cereals

** Check your favorite products' websites to see if they have coupons on them!

5) Sign up for manufacturer newsletters. Choose 10-20 of your favorite products and go online to view the websites for these products. Sign up for their newsletters and/or mailing lists. These manufacturers will send you coupons via mail or email.
6) Your goal is to save money on products you need. You should throw brand loyalty aside and be willing to buy different brands - ones you have coupons for.

Stay tuned for more tips on getting and using coupons!
Written by Elizabeth

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