Saturday, March 21, 2009

Have A House Party!

I love to try new products and I love to host parties. I recently discovered a great little secret called House Party. What it is? It's cool people sharing cool stuff!

A House Party™ is thousands of parties happening across the country on a single day, hosted by people just like you. Each event is sponsored by a leading brand and focuses on something cool—like a new product, hit TV show, or great cause—that the sponsor wants its best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends.

You host. Everyone wins. House Party lets you share the stuff you like with the people you like, through a fantastic, free party experience. What’s the catch? There is none: Our partners understand that if they share something good with the right people in a fun way, weĆ­ll all help spread the word.
I recently hosted a "Land O Lakes" House Party where I was sent free products, coupons, recipes and prizes for my guests. It was easy, fun and we got some great free stuff!

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