Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Become a Product Reviewer - Lots of Perks!

I consider myself a professional product reviewer - that is, I have been reviewing manufacturer products for nearly 6 years now, giving companies feedback while I get to try new and exciting products. It's fun because I get to see what manufacturers are about to introduce to the marketplace - before anyone else gets to see or try it. Being a product reviewer also has some great perks like free products, coupons, and other great rewards. In the past year, I have reviewed the following:

  • Covergirl Lipstain lipstick

  • Children's Claritin

  • Scott toilet paper

  • Windex outdoor wash

  • Bic Soleil Bella razors

  • Land O Lakes products

  • Mahatma rice

  • Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats

  • Ghiradelli's chocolate

  • Honey Kix cereal

  • Solo cups

  • Fiber One Yogurt

Product reviewing is different than surveys. With product reviewing, you are actually sent a package of products to consume/use and then you are asked to review them and give specific feedback to the manufacturers.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, listen up. I am about to reveal some of the great places you can sign up to become a product reviewer. The ones listed below are "tried and true" and nothing that is going to lead to a bunch of spam and will be time well spent for you. These companies will ask for profile information and then send you products/campaigns that fit your lifestyle and interests. In return, you will be asked to tell others about the products and report back to these companies with the reaction. It's pretty easy.

I've listed them in order so if you just want to try a few, start at the top of the list. The ones at the bottom of the list are very specific as to the demographics needed.
  1. Buzz Agent

  2. She Speaks

  3. Vocal Point

  4. General Mills Psst...

  5. Kraft First Taste

  6. House Party

  7. Mom Select

  8. Oral Care

  9. Nieto -- diaper product reviews. Contact them or
    1-888-412-5552 or 770-965-9309. Leave your name and address (spelling anything that may be difficult to hear over the phone) and you will get a sign-up packet.

  10. Arquest --diaper product reviews. Arquest is similar to Nieto and here's an article with the information.

  11. Homeschool Product Testing

Oh, and by the way ... as a professional product reviewer, I was interviewed by USA Weekend and will be included in an upcoming article about product testing for major manufacturers. Exciting stuff!!

~ Written by Elizabeth


Kirsten said...

I am going to give this a try. Glad you blogged about what you do.

Tamara said...

Thank you so much for this information it was so helpful typically how many sites should I apply to at one time? How many did you apply to?