Monday, August 17, 2009

Product Review For Pilsbury Simply Cookies

I love cookies - who doesn't?! I was so excited when I learned that I was chosen to be a product tester for Pilsbury's new Simply cookies!
I have to admit, I haven't met a cookie that I didn't like so I knew that I would like these before I tried them. But let me tell you what surprised me was that these are made from simple and wholesome ingredients, not preservatives. I loved the fact that they use the same ingredients I would use if I made the cookies myself. Plus, they are so incredibly tasty!!! And the convenience factor was off the charts! You pop them onto a pan and bake - it's that simple!!!
Theses cookies were a big hit with my family on movie night. They were our movie snack and they hardly made it out of the oven before they were devoured! Mmmmm....they smell so good baking and are oh so good fresh out of the oven!

Want to try them for yourself? You can buy them at most grocery stores with other refrigerated cookie dough. Click here to get your $1.25/1 package of Pilsbury Simply cookies. Enjoy!

~ Written by Elizabeth

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Sherry said...

These cookies ARE fantastic!! I just made them a few day's ago i got a really great deal on them w/those coupons you posted as well as a great deal on MILK about 2 weeks ago! I ended up getting 2 gallons of milk and 2 packages of cookies for $5.00!! These cookies taste as if they are HOME MADE the yummy kind that Grandma used to make. These will be fabulous for x-mas! I may try to pass them off as my own! lol