Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beverly's Bargain Tips - Saving Money on Utilities

We are proud to introduce our guest blogger, Beverly Trowbridge. She lives in Jacksonville with her husband and 3 children (ages 6,4, and 2). We consider Beverly a "thrifty diva" and an expert shopper when it comes to saving money! She really understands how to stretch her dollars and make them work for her. She offers unique bargain tips and we plan to share them with you periodically.

Beverly's Bargain Tips - Saving Money on Utilities:
  • Look at your utility bill! Beverly looked at an old utility bill from when she was first married in 1999 and compared it to a current utility bill and she's spending the same on her current bill as she did 10 years ago! And....she's in a larger home with 3 more bodies!
    How does she do it? The savings are due to switching to florescent lighting throughout the house, using only cold water for washing clothes, and sealing leaks in the windows and doors. She also recommends taking other conservation measures that your utility company can tell you about - don't be afraid to ask!

  • For home phone service, Beverly uses MagicJack and only pays $1.98 a month for home phone service! Their plan is a 5 year contract that they paid $119 for, which includes the necessary equipment and shipping. MagicJack offers a free trial, free local and long distance and is definitely worthy of checking out!

  • For cell phone service, Beverly and her husband use Motorola Tracfone and an average bill is $16 a month. Their cell phones are for emergencies only and their plan includes 600 minutes per year. Best of all, the unused minutes roll over to the next year. They have already had their phones for 2 years and are saving lots of money!

~ Written by Elizabeth