Thursday, May 7, 2009

Free Money! (Yes, You Read It Correctly)

I have found a way to earn free money just for clicking through ads on YouData. All you do is log onto the website, create a profile and the company will assign ads for you to review and they pay you to review them! It's simple, easy and fun .... and completely legitimate!!!

A few things to note: 1) you need to log onto the website to see the ads, they don't email them to you. Simply log on weekly to view the ads. 2) once you create your account, be sure you fill out the survey and demographic information in "your me file". This helps you get more ads as they send them to people based on demographics. 3) payment is only through Paypal.

Check out YouData today and use referral code: EB6270 when you sign up to get started faster. I did a little math and figured out that I will make $150 this year just by doing this every week!

~ Written by Elizabeth

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