Thursday, September 17, 2009

FREE - Subscription to Kiwi Magazine

Join Mom's Meet, an online resource empowering parents to lead greener lifestyles and you get a FREE subscription to Kiwi magazine! You can also sign up to be a "Mom Ambassador" to lead others in your town to healthier living.
Get A FREE annual subscription to KIWI Magazine for you or a friend, access to the Moms Meet website, including easy-to-download content, moderator guide (for Mom ambassadors) and questions for discussion , access to Moms Meet groups at various locations around the country, and a Monthly Moms Meet e-newsletter.
You can also print a variety of healthy coupons from Earth's Best on the Mom's Meet site.
Click here to join Mom's Meet and get your FREE subscription to Kiwi magazine.
~ Written by Elizabeth

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