Sunday, September 20, 2009

K-Mart Super Doubles Event - 9/27 - 10/3

Yesterday, the blogosphere was clouded with a rumor that K-Mart would be hosting yet another Super Doubles event next week. Could it be true? Afterall, K-Mart made a big deal about the last Super Doubles event being the last one for the year!

Well, it appears that it's true! I just confirmed it with my contact at K-Mart.

For the Super Doubles event, the same rules apply as have before. You must spend $25 in food and personal care items and you can only double 10 coupons (up to $2 - which is $4 doubled).

Stay tuned for the best deals. I'll post them by Saturday so you can begin making your shopping list. As always, check your K-Mart to make sure they are participating.

~ Written by Elizabeth

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