Thursday, October 29, 2009

FREE - Kodak $15 Gift on October 29th!

It's back! Kodak is giving away more gifts so if you missed yours a few weeks ago, here's your chance! Kodak is unveiling their new "Kodak Gallery" so they are giving away one million gifts!

I got an e-mail from them stating they were giving away "FREE $15 Photo Gift on October 29th". When I signed up for mine, they stated the gift would come in the form of a gift code to be used on a purchase. Hurry, though because the expiration date to use the gift is November 5. I guess I know where I'll be getting Halloween pictures!

Here's' some information about their new picture program, called the "All New Kodak Gallery". The key features include:

  • 3 times faster uploads of pictures!

  • Fabulous new products and designs!

  • New and improved sharing features!

  • New and improved editing and storing features!

Click here to get your FREE gift from Kodak!
~ Written by Elizabeth

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