Sunday, October 25, 2009

We Received Another Blog Award!

Thank you so much for following us and supporting us!
We're so excited to announce that we've received several blog awards in the past few weeks! We'll be posting all of the new awards in the coming week or so! We're so glad that our readers and fellow bloggers find our blog to be resourceful and to be given these awards is such an honor!
Our Award: Honest Scrap Award
Sheila Rae from Living Smart Girl - A Healthy Way To An Organic You was so gracious to give The Thrifty Divas this award of "Honest Scrap". Sheila has a fantastic blog that has many interesting elements, including fitness tips, recipes, shopping, and awesome giveaways! You should check out her site today!

Here are the rules of the "Honest Scrap" award:
  1. Present this award to 7 others whose blogs we find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged us, inspired us and these blogs are made of "Honest Scrap".

  2. Tell those 7 people they've been awarded "Honest Scrap" and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.

  3. Share "10 Honest Things" about us.

Passing the award to ....

We're passing along this award to blogs that we think are brilliant, creative and inspiring! These blogs have great design, great content and most of all .... they are made up of "Honest Scrap". Here is our list of these 7 blogs and we invite you to check them out:

Congratulations to you all! We love blogging with you!

Now, here are the "10 honest things" about us, The Thrifty Divas:

  1. Elizabeth doesn't drink coffee, although once owned a coffee shop! Go figure.
  2. Laura loves Coffee and needs her caffeine fix every day! A morning without coffee is like....well, sleep!
  3. We live in north Florida, where it's still hot in late October and we're still wearing shorts and sandals. The summers are unbearable and we live at the pool all summer with our kids. Trust us, it's the only place to be when it's 95 outside!
  4. We both grew up in other areas of the country. Elizabeth grew up in Virginia and Laura grew up in Minnesota.
  5. Elizabeth is a little OCD...okay, maybe alot OCD. Just ask Laura - she thinks Elizabeth is a bit crazy.
  6. Laura not quite as OCD as Elizabeth... but Elizabeth is teaching her! Elizabeth feels the need to rearrange everything in Laura's kitchen at least once every month! Laura's husband fears Elizabeth will rearrange everything and he won't be able to find anything without a map!
  7. Elizabeth has 2 small boys who she loves to cuddle with at night! The oldest is nicknamed "snuggle bunny" and the youngest is nicknamed "cutie pie".
  8. Laura has two boys, ages 6 and 4 as well as a girl, age 3. The oldest is nicknamed "Bubba", the middle one is "Tank" (he's 65lbs at 4, tall and all muscle, just ask Elizabeth) and our youngest (the girl) "Peanut"!
  9. We both love to workout at the local YMCA. You will find us there most mornings after we drop our kids off at school.
  10. We challenge each other to find the best deals and we share coupons. Sometimes we go shopping together. The day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) has become a shopping tradition for us!!! We love to save money!

~ Written by Elizabeth


Kim Julian, STL Mommy said...

Thanks so much! I love your blog too! Thanks for thinking of me! :)


Brandie said...

Awww....thanks so much! *takes a bow*. I proudly accept this award from you both! LOL! =D
Seriously...thanks a million! You both are awesome!!!

Ann said...

Congrats, you award wnners!