Friday, October 30, 2009

Guest Post: When Does Stocking Up Become Hoarding?

I love to read blogs, especially those written by other mommy bloggers like myself! I guess I am kind of addicted to reading blogs. It's such a fun way to meet people and learn interesting things!

I found a great blog called Steals & Deals, which is written by 2 busy moms - Abby and Mandy. The blog features the latest store ads and deals, great product reviews, awesome giveaways and detailed money-saving articles. You really should check out Steals & Deals.

Today, Abby is sharing an article about stocking up.

When Does Stocking Up Become Hoarding?

Okay none of us want our homes to turn into something that looks like the picture above, right?

There is a fine line between stocking up for your family and turning into the crazy lady down the street. Where do we draw that line? That question is very debatable but let me tell you how I make that decision for myself and my family.

I have read studies that show that sales run in 12 week or 3 month trends. So for example, when I find a can of Baked Beans (which my son absolutely adores) on sale for 25 cents a can instead of the regular price of $1.29 a can, I ask myself these questions:
  • How many of these cans do I think we will need in the next 3 months?
  • Does that number fit into my budget for this week?
  • Am I cleaning this store out as to not leave another can of Baked Beans for this entire store until restock day and leaving it unfair to other shoppers who may like to take advantage of this deal as well?
  • Do I have enough room to store what I am buying?
  • Is there a limit to how many the store says I can get?

These are all questions that only I can answer about my own financial, spacial, and well lets get right down to it moral situation.

Now I am wondering how is it you decide how many items will be enough for you to stock up on? Do you see the free or little to no money and get giddy? Don't be ashamed we have all been there I know I have in the past but after doing this for a while now I have stopped to readjust my thinking to use these above questions in my weekly shopping outings.

Instead of seeing that big time sale and grabbing my full outstretched arm to wipe the entire shelf clean of Baked Beans I think "hmmmm, okay... good deal now lets stop to think .... just how many do I need?"

I should say also that the above scenario is a hypothetical situation (no baked beans that I know of this week are on sale for 25 cents a can) of an item I know my family loves and would most certainly use.

How do you handle a situation of it is a free or next to free item you are unsure of whether your family may like or use? For me personally these are the times I only take one or two because to be honest with you I just hate to be wasteful too.

So I am curious how do you guys decide how much is enough when you are stocking up?

Guest Post Written by Abby from Steals & Deals

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