Monday, October 26, 2009

JC Penney Deal!

JcPenney has a new $10.00 off $10.00 code available!

Here is a great way to get $10.00 worth of merchandise for just $.65 shipped to your door!

1. First, join Shop at Home HERE and earn $5.00.
2. Then shop thru Shop at Home to get 3% back.
3. Add item to your cart.
4. Use code Sweets4u at checkout to get $10.00 off your purchase
5. You will get $5.00 from Shop at Home and 3% cashback!
So for a $10.00 item, it will look something like this:
Item $10.00
Shipping $5.95
Use code Sweets4u -$10.00
Pay $5.95
Get back $5.30 Shop At Home
Total $.65 !

What a great deal!

Thanks to For The Mamas for posting this!

~ Written by Elizabeth

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