Friday, October 16, 2009

A Bargain & A Blessing

"With tough economic times right now and more people out of work with families to support. This post bears repeating. It does not matter what your economic situation is, as Angelfood Ministries is for everyone. The more people that buy, the lower the prices are. If you or someone you know is struggling with money right now, or just wants to offset their grocery costs, share this post with them. You can locate an Angelfood Ministry close to you by clicking on the link below. "

Looking for a way to help your personal financial situation and also help others in these tough economic times? Angel Food Ministries is your solution. Every month participants will have the opportunity to buy a "box" of groceries which they pick up on a specific date in your local area. The food includes a variety of both frozen and fresh items, and usually has a retail value of between $45-$70. Along with each order comes a publication which includes religious and inspirational messages and the menu for the next month.

There are absolutley no restrictions on the number of food boxes that can be purchased by an individual or group every month. According to Angel Food Ministries, one box of food should feed a family of four for one week or a single person for one month.

We recommend you check out their site Angel Food Ministries and find a local ministry near you. In helping your own budget out you will also be helping others as well with theirs. Its a great way to get fresh Veggies, Fruit and Meat at low cost and still make an impact on your community.

Angel Food is not just for individuals and families in need. The ministry is set up in such a way that even if you don't feel the 'need' to buy your own food at this discount, you are still encouraged to purchase, because by purchasing boxes, you help others! The more people who participate in the ministry, the easier it is for Angel Food to purchase larger quantities at lower costs. It's a Bargain and a Blessing!

Written by Laura

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Alicia said...

Love this program! My husband and I use it all the time to supplement our monthly grocery budget and the food quality is great.

Also, you can go to to find coupon codes for 10% ($3) off the signature box each month. Every little bit helps!