Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beverly's Bargain Tips - Great-Grandma Money Saving Tips

Our guest blogger, Beverly has some fantastic ideas about saving money. She calls them “great-grandma tips”, which are tips that our great-grandma’s would approve of if she lived in today’s world. The basic premise is that if it makes sense to do something our great-grandmothers would have done it, then do it!

Here's some great money saving ideas for the kitchen:
  • When cooking or baking, double the recipe and make 2 (i.e. casseroles or cakes) and freeze one of them. Use them on a day when you don't feel like making dinner.
  • Create a "veggie scrap freezer bag" by saving the scraps from cutting vegetables and put them in a bag and put in the freezer. When it is time to make soup or cook a whole chicken, add the scraps for added FREE flavoring.
  • Save the ends of your loaf of bread; put them into the freezer. When you have a decent amount of time, put the bread scraps in the food processor and make homemade breadcrumbs. Toast in the oven for dried bread crumbs.
  • Buy celery, 2 lbs of carrots and a bag of onions. Dice the three root vegetables in even amounts. Cook in batches in a skillet with a bit of olive oil or canola oil until soft and sweet. Cool and put in 1 cup batches for a great soup starter and freeze. Put the scraps in your veggie scrap freezer bag.
  • Cook a turkey and eat a little for dinner. Dice the turkey and put in freezer in 1 cup batches. Use the turkey in casseroles and soups. Save the bone and make turkey bone soup later.
  • Cook a ham and eat a little for dinner. Dice the ham and put in freezer in 1 cup batches. Use the diced ham on homemade pizza, soups, casserole, etc. Save the bone and make ham bone soup with navy beans and spinach.
  • Grow a garden in your back yard. Process the produce at harvest time by freezing or canning.
  • Save broken cookies or graham crackers and their crumbs. Use to make a crust for a yummy custard pie.

~ Written by Elizabeth

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