Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saving Money - Kids Birthday Party

It's that time of year again ... planning my kids' birthday parties. I have 2 boys with summer birthdays (sigh) and because it's SO hot here in Florida, it's either the pool or someplace air conditioned! This year, I really have to stick to a budget so I've been doing some research. I am sharing what I have found in hopes of helping a few of you out there who also have summer birthday parties to plan!

Throw Birthday Parties on a Budget: Save $225 per/party

  • When planning a birthday party, give your kids a set budget, and let them decide what they want to spend their money on. Bonus perk: It teaches kids the value of a dollar.Shop at a dollar store for goodie bags and decorations.
  • Have a joint sibling party and increase the budget a little. I have done this for the past 3 years and it's great!
  • Keep the cost of food to a minimum and have the party at a time other than lunch and dinner. For example, have the party at 2 pm and just provide cake and drinks for everyone.
  • Buy a fun cake shape mold and make your own cake. I am wondering if I am brave enough to attempt this. I will let you know.
  • Throw a themed birthday blowout at your home instead of an expensive outing. You can also have a themed party at a local park.
  • Kids love games so be sure to have some great games planned. Plan games for the ages of the kids and if there is a range of ages, be sure to offer games for everyone.

Check out for great birthday party theme ideas! Also, check out Birthday Party Ideas for other helpful information about planning and games!

~ Written by Elizabeth

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Cris said...

Planning birthday parties are fun, sure, but they can also be stressful especially when you have a tight budget. It's not impossible to throw a wonderful party on a tight budget, all you need is a little resourcefulness and a lot of creativity.

You don't have to invite everyone, just the people your child is close to. You can also search the house for potential decors. And search the Internet, it's teeming with overflowing ideas!