Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Enter for a Chance to Win a $5,000 Amazon.com Gift Card

Calling all parents with kids who do the craziest things (isn't that all of us?!)!!! One minute your 2 year old plays the piano like Mozart. The next, he's' eating mud pies in the backyard! One thing is for sure, life with kids is never boring!

Enter the Juicy Juice "Your Kids Did What" Video Contest and win great prizes. There are 10 prizes altogether, including the grand prize of $5,000 Amazon.com gift card.

What to do? Submit a video of your kids doing the most amazing, talented or funniest things. It’s easy and fun! All video submissions must be received by 8/21/09.

Go here for details and a list of prizes.

~ Written by Elizabeth

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