Monday, June 8, 2009

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Americans have become accustomed to getting super-sizes and value packs in which we think we’re getting a better deal.. Wal-Mart has been instrumental in conditioning us to believe that bigger sizes provide more value to consumers. This is not always true!

For example, buying a case of bottled water at a wholesale club (i.e. Sam’s Club or Costco) would seem to be a better value than buying it at a grocery store. Again…..this is not always true! For example, Aquafina bottled water at a wholesale club is sold for $9.65 for 48 bottles (cost is $.20 per bottle). Target sells their Market Pantry brand (store brand) bottled water at their stores for $3.99 for 24 bottles (cost is $.17 per bottle). Same water….lower price at Target.
It pays to figure the price per item that you are paying. Keep a calculator with you when you're shopping so you can figure out what things cost on a per unit basis. You should be doing this with such things as diapers, wipes, bread, drinks, or anything that you pay one price for multiple use/consumption. Bigger is not always better!
~ Written by Elizabeth

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