Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday's Thrifty Tips

Here are this week's Tuesday's Thrifty Tips to help you save money:

  • Combine errands to save on gas. Think ahead and at the beginning of the week, make a list of the places you need to go. Plot your errands carefully so you're not wasting gas.
  • At the end of the day, put your change in the bank. Put all of your change in a large jar or bank. At the end of the year, you will have extra money for Christmas spending.
  • Unplug electronics when not in use. After using the coffeemaker and toaster in the morning, be sure to unplug them for the rest of the day. They drain energy even when they aren't in use but are plugged up. By doing this with all household appliances, you can save almost $250 in an average household per year! Computers and printers especially drain your energy and your pocketbook! If they are on a power strip, turn the strip off and unplug it.
  • Call your cable or dish provider and ask for a lower rate. 2009 rates to new customers are 12% lower than 2008 rates and by calling your provider and telling them that you are thinking about switching services, they should give you a lower rate. A friend of mine did this and got $15 savings per month on her bill for the rest of the year! By the way, I am calling my provider this week!

~ Written by Elizabeth

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