Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Attention Teachers - FREE Canister of Clorox Wipes Sept. 2 - 5!

Clorox is giving a FREE canister of Clorox Wipes to every teacher in the country from 9/2/09 until 9/5/09. Click here to register and get your FREE canister of wipes. You must be a teacher or educator. Be sure to let all teachers know about this great promotion!

It's no mystery why cold and flu viruses can spread so quickly in schools. Many germs, including the common cold virus and the influenza virus, and including the novel 2009 H1N1 Flu virus, can be spread through touch.Clorox is here to help. They have gathered plenty of fun facts, awesome activities, great games, and expert advice to help you reduce the spread of germs in school and at home - to help keep your classroom clean and healthy.

Clorox has all kinds of helpful information for teachers and parents on their "Tools for Teacher" and "Points for Parents" pages.

~ Written by Elizabeth

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Anne Fulmer said...

It's nice of Clorox to give these away free, but I have to tell you what I've heard. A study was done where they put a group of young ones in a room, told them to write their name. All were in various stages of learning how to do this. Then they uncapped a jug of clorox. About 20 minutes later they asked them to write their name again. All very vastly worse than the first time, one even wrote it dsylexic. Then they aired out the room, asked them to write it again, and they all wrote it normal.

Do we really want to expose our children to this kind of toxin? My Grandchildren go to school with Shaklee's Germ-free wipes, works for 24 hours+, and doesn't have the mind-boggleing toxins. To research this for your own children, go to

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