Wednesday, September 9, 2009

T.G. Lee Milk - Enter To Win FREE Milk For A Month!

I love T. G. Lee Milk! I buy it for my family at our local CVS every week for under $2/gallon. I always use the $1/1 printable coupon plus CVS often offers Extra Care Bucks!

Guess what?! Last week, T.G. Lee contacted me to let me know that I had won "Milk for a Month"!!! I was so excited to learn this news - especially since my husband lost his job 5 weeks ago and buying groceries for a family of 4 (including 2 growing boys) has been extremely difficult! I forgot that I even entered their contest to win "Milk for a Month" but I am so glad I did! I got my T.G. Lee milk certificates in the mail yesterday and am so excited to begin using them! I received $28 in money toward FREE milk! Thank you, T.G. Lee!!!

If you have T.G. Lee milk anywhere near you, click here to register to win the "Milk for a Month". Good luck!

~ Written by Elizabeth


Peter said...

I have several of the TG Lee $7.00 certificates. Unfortunately stores interpret their verbage as being good for 1 item up to $7.00. I have found nothing that is $7.00 thus I have to use them for 1 gallon of milk-approximately $3.99.Please advise if you find a cost effective way to redeem these. Publix,Albertsons and Wal Mart all have the same policy.

The Thrifty Divas said...

Hi, Peter. I redeem these for $7 at CVS with no problem. Milk is generally $2.69 - $2.99/gallon and I buy 3 gallons at a time to be able to redeem the certificate for $7. The certificate is for a dollar amount - as long as you buy that amount or more, not for 1 item. Are you buying just one gallon at a time? If so, that is where the problem is.