Monday, July 13, 2009

CVS - Extra Care Rewards & FREE Milk!

Most of you know all about CVS and all of the great deals you can get. I haven't been posting them because there are so many other blogs who do post them. If you are interested in seeing them on our blog, please leave your comment below.

I wanted to share something with from my recent shopping trips at CVS. Keep in mind, I live in Florida and this might not be in effect in all regions, so be sure to call or ask at your local CVS.

Every week, I buy T.G. Lee brand milk (a division of Mayfield) at my local CVS. It is always on sale for around $2.79 (competitive priced at CVS). I print a $1/off coupon here, which saves money and I combine ECB (Extra Care Bucks) when I have them. is the real deal:

CVS HAS A BUY 5 AND GET ONE FREE deal on this brand of milk. I have received 3 FREE milks so far (in about 5 weeks' time). This deal is listed on the bottom of my receipt - that is how I found out about it. I haven't seen anything in the store or online about it. Is it a SECRET deal? Maybe, but I am sharing it with you!

I am so excited to buy milk for $.79-$1.79 each week but to get FREE milk every few weeks is even more awesome!!!

To take advantage of this offer, be sure you have a CVS Extra Care card. You can review your account online to make sure it's up to date. If you don't shop at CVS and are interested in checking it out, click here.

It pays to shop at CVS!!!

~ Written by Elizabeth


Anonymous said...

I'm still new to all this, so the CVS deals would be great to see. But don't do it just on my account!

Shelly said...

Hi there, following you from MBC & on Facebook.