Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shopping Ahead & Saving Big!

I love to shop - what woman doesn't?! I love this time of year because I can buy clothes for my kids for next summer - at clearance prices. It takes a little bit of skill but I save alot of money!

Here's a recap of what I found this week:

1) Children's Place - I went to our local mall and found that their prices were lower than the online prices. They had all clearance marked 40% off the lowest ticketed price plus they were running a special promotion on backpacks (at a different price than online). As always, I shop for my oldest boy who ends up handing it down to my youngest boy (they are 23 months apart so it works out great). I bought some things for next year: 2 bathing suits ($4.99 each), 2 pair of shorts ($4.99 each), 3 pair of pj's ($4.99 each) and a backpack ($6.75 - retail value $15.50). I used my 15% off birthday club coupon and I really saved BIG!

2) Kohl's - they have a huge clearance sale going on with all summer merchandise up to 75% off. It's definitely worth checking into, especially combining their savings with their coupon savings.

Shopping ahead is a bit tricky. Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your money:

1) Estimate your child's size based on their age. Use sizing charts in the store.

2) Have a budget in mind when you go shopping for next season. Don't buy everything just because it's a good deal. Stick to your budget.

3) Figure out what you need. Do you need basics like underwear and socks only? If so, just buy those things and look for deals. If you need bottoms like pants and shorts, scout around for the best deals. Don't forget that many items will be promoted and on sale for back to school in August. Now is the time to buy summer items for next year.

4) When you buy for next year, you should look for 50% off or more deals. This is when you'll get the best deals and still have a good amount of size/color options available. When the markdowns go to 75% off, it is usually just the leftovers. You can still get good deals, but limited size/color options.

5) Don't forget shoes. It is hard to estimate next year's' size for shoes but look for styles that may be okay if they are a bit big (i.e. open toe sandals with adjustable straps).

6) Figure out what your child's needs are next year. For example, if you will be potty training a child next year, be sure to look for pants with elastic waists for easy on/off.

~ Written by Elizabeth

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