Saturday, July 25, 2009

KFC Grilled Chicken - Update on FREE Meal

Remember the KFC FREE Meal Deal that was announced in early May? We got our KFC FREE Grilled Chicken Meal vouchers a few weeks ago, which were valid for July 20 - August 3. We used them tonight for our "Saturday night" dinner at home, which worked out great since we were at the pool all afternoon and I didn't want to cook.

I admit that I was frustrated with the initial marketing of the FREE meal deal - they announced they had FREE meals for everyone and 2 days later they told everyone that they ran out and they would have to get rain checks!

But I admit that the transaction tonight was very easy, painless and actually pleasant. And..... the food was excellent! The new grilled chicken was very tasty and moist! They package the meal in a nice box that is easy to eat from and my kids loved the mac n cheese! I highly recommend trying the new KFC grilled chicken meal - for about $7 it is a great deal!

Kuddos to KFC for following through with the FREE meal and for it being so good!!!

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