Friday, July 17, 2009

My Husband's Thrifty Buy On Contact Lenses

My husband has picked up some "thrifty" shopping methods lately and I am so proud of him!!

Let me tell you about his recent contact lens purchase. He needed new lenses so he did some research online. He usually buys Accuvue at Walmart for around $30/box but he found a deal online at VisionDirect where he paid $26/box plus got a $24 discount and free shipping on the total order when he purchased 8 boxes.

In addition, he found online the Accuvue "New Wearer Rebate" for an additional $100 off. The rebate is specific and must include new wearers only. He completed the manufacturer's rebate form on 7/1 and received his check for $100 today (7/17).

His insurance paid $40 toward the purchase. The total purchase for 8 boxes of Accuvue Oasys contacts, which is one year's supply of contacts, was $45!

~ Written by Elizabeth

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