Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday's Thrifty Tips

Here are Tuesday's "Thrifty Tips" to save time and money this summer:

1) Instead of renting movies, trade dvds with neighbors and friends.

2) Cut your own hair to save money. Purchase a haircutting kit for about $25. We’ve saved $30 a month by cutting my husband’s and 2 boys’ hair each month.

3) We love to eat out but our budget only allows $20 a week - hard to do for a family of 4! We love Sweet Tomatoes, a salad restaurant where we can eat for $17! Join their ClubVeg program and get weekly coupons via email. We use the "Buy 1, Get 1 FREE" every time we go plus kids meals are $1.49 each! Our family loves it!

4) Cut coupons, share coupons! Cut all of the coupons in the Sunday's paper and start sharing them with friends and neighbors. Create your own coupon swap club! Coupons really do save you money!

5) Shop at Target and stack coupons to save big! "Stacking" coupons means to use Target store coupons found here and here and "stack" them with current manufacturer coupons. This is how to get products for almost nothing!!!

~ Written by Elizabeth

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Carline said...

Thanks for the practical advice. A couple of others, you may have covered them already: Summer library programs and activities which are free. For trading DVDs with neighbors, you've git to checkout the new http://www.toolzdo.com/- it's a place for neighbors to connect to help each other save, including trading of anything, and build stronger community! Blessings to you both for the tips.