Friday, July 31, 2009

FREE Homeschooling Program From K12

If you're considering homeschooling or haven't decided on a curriculum, you should check out K-12's K-8 program. They offer tuition-free online public schools in many parts of the country.

If your state offers this program, all curriculum, teaching guides, text books and art/science school supplies are provided free of charge. There is also a state-certified teacher assigned to your children to monitor progress as well as an optional foreign language curriculum.

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Whitney said...

I have a friend who has used this (before it was available as part of our public school curriculum). Her kids loved it!

I have thought off and on about doing this with my son, but for the time being he is loving school and learning lots. But if it changes...this is the program I will use!

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Carrie Jean said...

Using a virtual public school at home was one of the best decisions our family ever made! By using a virtual public school we were able to save thousands over private options. If your state doesn't offer this program (or even if it does) there is a good possibility that they offer other free virtual public school programs as well, so do your research! The models are all different. Some schools only offer one curriculum choice or have their curriculum mainly online, others use a variety of curriculum with a larger selection to individualize the school for your child and use textbooks delivered to your house at no cost. Many of these programs may offer all grades, K-12.

My kids have been using Connections Academy for 5 years now and last year my son graduated - and yes it's a real diploma, not a GED. You can read his story here.

Connections Academy's teachers helped me find the best fit for my kids through individualized instruction and support arranged to meet my child's needs. As my kids needs have changed so has their school. They have a specialized curriculum for gifted students and those that are behind. If you have a twice exceptional child, no problem!

In high school they offer almost 20 AP courses, lots of Honors courses and tons of electives to choose from. Even better, electives are offered at every grade level, so you can start foreign languages with your kindergartner, all free.

Our family was fortunate that our state offered several virtual public schools to choose from and we tried a couple out before we found the perfect fit for our family with Connections Academy. Kudos to the states that recognize one size does not fit all!

Connections Academy is available in Arizona, California--Southern and Central, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Missouri, Nevada, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin (taken from Wikipedia). If you'd like to talk to other parents using virtual schools join the Connections Academy Community or on Facebook.

It's wonderful that you posted this information here! Keep up the great work :)