Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Coupon Mom Is My Hero!

I love the Coupon Mom, Stephanie Nelson. She's a mom who saves money for a living with her business called the Coupon Mom. She's been known to get $100 worth of groceries for as little as $0.25!!!!!! She is extremely savvy when it comes to shopping and offers great tips and services on her website.
You should check out the website called CouponMom.

Here are some great tips from the Coupon Mom:

How do I save more than 50% on my groceries?
The key to saving money on grocery shopping is consistency and planning. Get the Sunday newspaper coupons every week and save the entire circular, and take advantage of the Grocery Deals list every week to save on a wide range of products.
The Coupon Mom says saving money is easy.
1) Plan, plan, plan. Planning your list before you go to the store will reduce your grocery spending. Plan your meals using sale items from the weekly list. That is why our lists show the major meat, chicken and fish sales each week even though they rarely have coupons. When you have a plan, you also spend less time in the grocery store. Studies show that the more time you spend in the store, the more money you spend. Avoid impulse shopping and never shop when you are hungry.
2) Get more than one set of coupons. Trade coupons with a friend, ask friends and neighbors who throw their coupons away if they would give them to you, buy extra copies of the newspaper when there are many coupons you use that week. "Charity shoppers" buy good deals for charity every single week along with their family's groceries. Therefore, many Charity Shoppers have a collection box for grocery coupons at their schools and places of worship. They are able to buy far more food for charity and save more for their families with coupons that others would throw in the trash anyway.
3) Stock up on products you use when they are Best Deals. When items you use are at low prices, be sure to buy as much as you can. That way, you never need to pay full price for those items. Over time, you will have a "stockpile" of several items, and your grocery spending will go down noticeably. Initially, your spending may be the same as you are stocking up.
4) Try being brand flexible. Consider trying similar brands for products you use when they are on the Best Deals list. Many store brands are listed as well, and most of them are Unadvertised sale items. Being able to compare major brands to store brand options before you shop will help you plan and save.

~ Written by Elizabeth


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