Saturday, July 11, 2009

K-Mart Double Coupon Trip

This has been a busy week and I finally got to K-Mart tonight to take advantage of the double coupon deal! Florida doesn't do double coupons - I really miss that from my years living in Atlanta!

I had already heard of the great deals to be had at K-Mart with double coupons so I began making my list. I used a great website called AbundantFoodSavings which really spelled out the deals and matched them up with coupons. It made my list-making so much easier!

I decided to take my husband with me - it was our date night and the kids were at a friends house - a blessing in and of itself! I don't think he knew how much money I was planning to save. I told him I had $20 to spend and I wanted to do it quickly.
The verdict: I walked away with over $80 worth of groceries/beauty items for $19.52! Not bad!
~ Written by Elizabeth

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Charlene said...

Hi Ladies,

Congrats on starting your blog. Let me know if you have any questions- good job on your Kmart haul. It is fun to see the reaction of your hubby the better you get at couponing!